The Selfie App provides each week detailed analyses of the global air cargo trends. The core of the Selfie App is formed by the uniqueness of the analyses provided, and the timeliness by which it is made available.

Our data service is unique because it is the only source of meaningful cargo loadfactor data and it is sourced directly from the airlines. Contrary to other data providers, we report the cargo loadfactor considering both the volume and the weight perspective. We call it the dynamic loadfactor.

Please have a look at the chart below and you will agree that reporting loadfactors only based on the weight utilization, is not representative of how well the cargo capacity onboard is really utilised.

Global loadfactor development


The timeliness of our updates is unparalleled. Our data is on average just 6 days old when we make it available to our clients.It is no surprise that in the current volatile macro-economic environment there is a great need to get quicker feedback on how the market is trending. The chart below confirms that our swift analyses are consistent with two main sources of air cargo data.

Global market growth

(year-over-year growth of market volumes in %)