Allocation management is often a manual, Excel driven process. Airlines experience daily that this leads to mistakes, inefficiencies and lack of clarity on how the allocation really performed. CLIVE’s tool for managing allocations(=Performance App) streamlines this process from start to finish. From requesting a new allocation, up and until the monitoring of its performance.

Managing their allocation related activities in just one application means that users can do more work, at less effort. One manager estimated that by using CLIVE’s application they were able to reduce the low-value admin activities by an impressive 90%. Thus, freeing up vast amounts of time to run the business at a more detailed level.

At CLIVE we understand the complexities involved when measuring an allocation’s performance. That is why we developed a unique approach, and set a new standard as a result. At first, we capture all the allocation’s characteristics. Then we gather vast amounts of data to determine what really happened. And finally, we apply the client’s business rules to calculate the allocation’s performance.

The power of our Performance App lies within its deceivingly simple setup. The adoption rate among users is high, and financial gains are thus achieved in all corners of the client’s network. One client recently achieved, in % points, a global double digit increase in allocation performance. No wonder they consider the Performance App “really costs-effective”.