The times they are a changin. Fierce competition and price transparency mean that forwarders can no longer rely on “buy low and sell high” to achieve sustainable margins. Creating the most value out of their consols, is therefore becoming increasingly important.

However, based on our experiences, this value creation is often done sub-optimally. Consols are frequently managed through a mainly manual process, using basic Excel sheets and print-outs of recently shipped volumes. It should be no surprise that this leads to sizable opportunity costs.

Building upon these experiences we started to create a tool to support the export and gateway staff with running their consols. It is called the Consol App.

This application provides instant visibility on how consols are actually performing relative to their individual targets. Examples include: achieved rate, killed volume charges ('dims buried' for our US readers…), and their compliance to what was agreed with the airline. With margins becoming increasingly tight, this feature provides the vital info for managers to assess the true costs.

The level of integration between the forwarder’s operational system and the Consol App is tailored to the individual requirements.

The overall goal of CLIVE’s Consol App is to make life easier for export and gateway staff. Thereby allowing them to make better decisions and more money, for their respective businesses.