How do you set hurdle rates for adhoc shipments in these erratic conditions?
Our advise: focus less on trying to predict accurately and more on responding promptly. And that is exactly the approach of CLIVE’s Hurdle App. It continuously assesses and changes hurdle rates, based upon real-time information.

In the domain of artificial intelligence, CLIVE’s Hurdle App is called an ‘expert system’. It mimics as closely as possible what a human expert would do with the information at hand. The core of this application is built upon two elements: facts and rules.

The facts consist of the current and historic data available to the airline. Most of this data is derived from industry standard messages. These messages combined paint a picture of what is actually happening.

The rules contain the knowledge on how the facts should be interpreted. And based upon that interpretation, they will tune the hurdle rate to the latest market development. Our application does support the concept of adaptive autonomy. Users can restrict the application to act autonomously for certain flights only.

The beauty of our Hurdle App is that it can explain why it took certain decisions; and share that with the user. Thus overcoming the often-heard concern that cargo airlines don’t want their pricing policy to be run by a ‘black box’.